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old school space shooter
Neon Blaster

Reverse space shooter

GalGen Trader 2
A 2d Elite-esque game intended to eventually have easy expansion support, ala Transcendence.
Kony 2012

Avoid red blocks, collect yellow blocks, fast paced space game built to bring pygame community awareness to Kony 2012.

Void Infinity

A real-time strategy game with online multiplayer.

Asteroids 2
This is my latest version of Asteroids 2. It has improved graphics, gameplay and includes a high score and better organization of source code.
Asteroids 2 v1.0
You choose one of 5 ships and survive as long as possible
A simple space shooter.
Cargo Carrier
While flying your Millennium Falcon (original, right?), collect cargo while out-maneuvering and destroying asteroids.
Space shooter in the works utilizing Pyglet and Rabbyt.
Relativistic Space Game
This is an experiment in the interactive portrayal of special relativity, exhibiting phenomena such as length contraction and time dilation in a "fun" game-like environment.
Dinos in Space
logic-puzzle game
A simple 2d-space-shooter with single and two player modes.
Varelse (Python3)

A space shooter for Python 3

Space Bombers NG
A space shooter game with online highscores. Lots of bullets!
moderately Multiplayer Online Space Shooter
My entry in the 12th PyWeek competition.
RepulsiveRuby v2.0

A very interesting and challenging game written in Python and Pygame. Rock your ball! (This version is only for win32 users. Sorry that I cannot provide a Linux version)


Superman Game

Fizzbox is a collection of physics based simulations, like mass spring systems and the interaction of planets under gravity.
Drones Fight
Destroy your opponent's drone. You can play against a script or against another human.
PyVader is a basic 2D space invaders remake
Small spaceinvaders-like game

Action packed arcade game where you have to defend planet Earth from swarming aliens. It gets really hard quite fast, how long can you last?


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