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Python Snake
A really simple 'remake' of "snake"

Classical snake concept with relative non-perpendicular movement angle.

S.S. Simple Snake
Extremely simple game to play whenever you are waiting for something or simply bored ( that's why i made it!)
Snakey Party!
A snakey clone that emphasizes multiple snakes!

This is just another python snake game... but it's beautiful!

ultimate snake
read description XD
Project of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Iran University of Science and Technology
Colorful Snake
Simple Wall-less Snake Game. My first pygame program.
Colorful Snake
Simple Wall-less Snake Game. My first pygame program.
A simple snake game written in python 3.2.
Old School Snake
Old school Snake clone written in python 3.2 with pygame and heavily improved
Unbound Snake
A simple snake game.
Yellow Snake
Nothing special. Just a simple, functional, snake game.
nibbles like game. much more fun, moves on all directions and jump, can be played with mouse.
Y Collect And Grow Game
Generic Game engine for creating snake like collect and grow games.
Hungry Snake
Snake Game named as "Hungry Snake"

Classic arcade action for a new generation, Pythentene is Super-Python-Enhanced Serpentine 2011! Battle for survival across 25 levels like we did in the early 80's. You'll pick up the gameplay quickly -- expect to have a hard time putting it down!

This is a remake of the game Serpentine published on the Apple ][ by Broderbund in 1982.

Multi-player Snake experiment
An experiment: How fast can one develop a game like "Snake", without knowing the game dev library?
Scoudly is a little snake which is very hungry! There are 10 levels. Each level takes 30 seconds. You must eat the most food to win the highscore.
Star Rhodium
Shoot them up in this high-flying adventure through space!
singleplayer snake with multiple levels and opponent snakes

snake in byte-crunching mode

A version of snake in pygame
Rhodium Snake
A simple snake game with joystick compatability.



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