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A simple logic simulator.

Wave sim

A wave sim. Go figure.


Ignore this; I'm testing something.


This is a very simple piano simulator written rather for fun and to learn python language.

Orbit Duel

Orbit Duel (abbreviated in "Orbit 2l" because the number 2 in Italian is pronounced "due"), is a game that simulates the orbitation of two satellites around a planet. The two players can modify trajectories trying to don't fall on the planet surface, or getting lost in space.

Realism - GameBoy Screen Simulation

A simple demonstration of how using different blitting flags and pygame's movie sub-module can create an awesome effect!


In this game you run a city. The game does not run the pygame module becouse it doesn't work for me. Instead I used text art!


A game that simulates a nation going through its life.


This game is a SimCity done in Python! Unfortunatly the pygame module doesn't work on my computer so i had to use text art... How innovative! :D

Density Simulator

The density simulator calculates how a sphere behaves when placed in water. It allows for different parameters to be changed. It is made to be as life-like as possible - meaning that only prober physics theories is used for calculation.

Don't Quit, Own It!

DQOI is a multiplayer hacking game, with an open source client that uses socketio

Mining Simulator

Mining simulator