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Hack 'n' Run

Game made for the contest "Batalha de Games";

Squish the Bugs

Squish all of the bugs. Couldn't be simpler, right?

Black Jack

A quick black jack game I made. It's very messy, but it still works like a charm!

Match the Pictures Game

A game of matching pictures (memory)


Ping is a little game of reflexion and logic.

jumpy man

my first game made using python, im very new to coding so expect it to be very filled with bugs 'n' stuff

Snake Game

This is my first pygame. I made this by watching udemy's pygame video tutorial by Mr. Root.

Tic Tac Two

The computer version of the game Tic Tac Toe in a very easy to play format

Magic Ball

You don't have to choose, just ask!

Rects Fight!

Fight with rectangles!


A suite of educational activities for 3 - 10 years old kids build with Python & Pygame.

Random Maze Generator

It creates random mazes continuously.

Ride the Road

A Simple Car Game.

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