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Happy Thanksgiving
Catch the turkeys!
Simple Pong clone.
My implementation of the classic Snake game.
Conway's Game of Life
My implementation of the mesmerizing Conway's Game of Life.
A simple breakout game.
Mow the lawn! That's it!
Achtung 2
Snake like game for 2-7 players. Objective is to outlive your opponents. Poor grafics, but exelent gameplay. (Based heavily on the game Zatacka/Achtung die neue Kurve)
Generic shooter game against one enemy
This project is the begining of my self-study of Python and game programming in general. This is the first complete project that can be called a "game". Look forward to more projects from me and my team!
Snow Angel
You are a little angel that must go back to sky, avoiding snow flakes.
WaveMachine is a simple wave machine simulator.
Surface-based destructible terrain
A surface-based method of handling destructible terrain.
Haven't seen too much pong-clones? ;D Here's another one...
Snake Bite
A snake demo.
My humble attempt at creating emergent behavior
3D Cube Rotation
A little Cube thingy! Read the command line for more information!!
A simple point and click game.
Tetris in 73 Lines
Tetris written in 73 lines. Left, right, up rotates, down pushes down, space drops. Game over to quit. :P And yes, the code is obfuscated on purpose. :P Enjoy decoding it =)
Fleet 10
A space shooter.
Plasma Fx
This is a simple plasma effect.
when you need to do a lot of quick cropping
simple game gui
Simple, well integrated, fast, easy-to-use and easy-to-setup, gui system for pygame addressed to games mostly.
Black Jack
A quick black jack game I made. It's very messy, but it still works like a charm!
Space Ship Game 1.4
This is a quick game I made! It fun!

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