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Anikom15's Computer Game

Quickly written quirky shooter.


Superman Game


Monsters is an online scrolling 2d shooter game where you play as a American military and you have to fight against an alien invasion!


A client for the game of Netrek, a multi-player real-time 2D strategy game.

Varelse (Python3)

A space shooter for Python 3

Infinity Bullet Hell

An infinite, increasingly challenging, uniquely styled shooter. Work in progress.

Duck Hunter

Remake of NES game DuckHunt


VectorMine is an old school shootem'up for Maemo n900. It s a cheap clone of MineStorm on vectrex

Plane Shooter

A simple shooter. Destroy all the planes before the time runs out.


A 2D space shooter RPG in the similar to Star Control 2, Escape Velocity, or Star Wolves 3. Far from finished and interested in collaboration.

Stupid Jetpak Mario

Mario now has a jetpak and zapper, and by collecting the Chaos Emeralds he can go Super Saiyan. But is he a bad enough dude to save the president?


Small spaceinvaders-like game


A shmup inspired by Geometry Wars and Tron. Well, you don't really shoot things up anymore.

Snow Sports

A winter sport game with highscores, currentöy includes biathlon and downhill skiing.

FPS test

3d First-Person-Shooter test. Three levels. Requires Psyco. Created using pyggel, a 3d game engine.

Plane Shooter

A simple shooter. Destroy all the planes before the time runs out.


You are a honest and peaceful shotgun seller. For an unknown reason, you are teleported in another dimension, full of hostile magicians who wants to transform you into a mana potion. How long will you survive ? Blast as more magicians as possible in this fun shoot-em up. Come on ! There are corpses flying in the air and great sound effects : Bleewwaaaeeuuhhaaarrgghh ! Kaboom ! Sppflleuweerkh !

ZombieZ VS CriminalZ

ZombieZ VS CriminalZ is a simple top-down shooter with zombies and and a awesome bloodparticles.

It started as a school project and I picked it up again a few month ago to make it this extremely amazing game that it is today :D

The War

This is the third person shooter game. The warrior versus spiders. ItÂŽs very entertaining.


Space max is a type of space invaders


My entry in the 12th PyWeek competition.


I HATE CHICKENS is a shoot 'em up where you have to fight against chicken invasion.


A top-down action shooter

Duck Hunt for PyGame(Enlglish

Similar to the NES Duck Hunt.


moderately Multiplayer Online Space Shooter


A simple 2d-space-shooter with single and two player modes.

Mundane Space Shooter #23431

An extremely simple Shooter I made.

It'll Never Catch On

A roguelike inspired by two-stick console first person shooters, this is mostly a tech demo for a 'fake python curses' engine.

Plane Shooter

A simple shooter. Destroy all the planes before the time runs out.

Vector Graphic Tower Defense

A tower defense, but its "realistic"(a single bullet kills a soldier). Automaticly fills the whole screen and is NOT pixely, because the graphics consist of lines, polygons and circles.

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