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Monsters is an online scrolling 2d shooter game where you play as a American military and you have to fight against an alien invasion!


A client for the game of Netrek, a multi-player real-time 2D strategy game.

Varelse (Python3)

A space shooter for Python 3

Infinity Bullet Hell

An infinite, increasingly challenging, uniquely styled shooter. Work in progress.

Duck Hunter

Remake of NES game DuckHunt


VectorMine is an old school shootem'up for Maemo n900. It s a cheap clone of MineStorm on vectrex

Plane Shooter

A simple shooter. Destroy all the planes before the time runs out.


A 2D space shooter RPG in the similar to Star Control 2, Escape Velocity, or Star Wolves 3. Far from finished and interested in collaboration.

Stupid Jetpak Mario

Mario now has a jetpak and zapper, and by collecting the Chaos Emeralds he can go Super Saiyan. But is he a bad enough dude to save the president?


Small spaceinvaders-like game


A shmup inspired by Geometry Wars and Tron. Well, you don't really shoot things up anymore.

Snow Sports

A winter sport game with highscores, currentöy includes biathlon and downhill skiing.

FPS test

3d First-Person-Shooter test. Three levels. Requires Psyco. Created using pyggel, a 3d game engine.

Plane Shooter

A simple shooter. Destroy all the planes before the time runs out.


You are a honest and peaceful shotgun seller. For an unknown reason, you are teleported in another dimension, full of hostile magicians who wants to transform you into a mana potion. How long will you survive ? Blast as more magicians as possible in this fun shoot-em up. Come on ! There are corpses flying in the air and great sound effects : Bleewwaaaeeuuhhaaarrgghh ! Kaboom ! Sppflleuweerkh !

ZombieZ VS CriminalZ

ZombieZ VS CriminalZ is a simple top-down shooter with zombies and and a awesome bloodparticles.

It started as a school project and I picked it up again a few month ago to make it this extremely amazing game that it is today :D

The War

This is the third person shooter game. The warrior versus spiders. ItÂŽs very entertaining.


Space max is a type of space invaders


My entry in the 12th PyWeek competition.


I HATE CHICKENS is a shoot 'em up where you have to fight against chicken invasion.


A top-down action shooter

Duck Hunt for PyGame(Enlglish

Similar to the NES Duck Hunt.


moderately Multiplayer Online Space Shooter


A simple 2d-space-shooter with single and two player modes.

Mundane Space Shooter #23431

An extremely simple Shooter I made.

It'll Never Catch On

A roguelike inspired by two-stick console first person shooters, this is mostly a tech demo for a 'fake python curses' engine.

Plane Shooter

A simple shooter. Destroy all the planes before the time runs out.

Vector Graphic Tower Defense

A tower defense, but its "realistic"(a single bullet kills a soldier). Automaticly fills the whole screen and is NOT pixely, because the graphics consist of lines, polygons and circles.


Action packed arcade game where you have to defend planet Earth from swarming aliens. It gets really hard quite fast, how long can you last?

Duck Hunt for PyGame

Duck Hunt for PyGame is a simplified version of the Duck Hunt game for Nintendo Entertainment of System. Instead of the Light Gun, use your mouse and click to shoot the ducks! =)

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