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Rally 7

A car racing game inspired by an arcade classic with a similar name.


You are given a top view of a track, and have to manouvere you car around the track. You can play 2 player or single player.

Dodge racing

Dodge racing is a scrolling game. You drive a car and you must dodge the other cars.

Racing tour 2012

Racing Tour 2012

Dodge Cars by Suhas

A pygame where in you have to dodge cars.


Motorbike Racing game Record ghost laps to race against and improve your time

kind-of mario kart?

(python 3.6) pygame project, inspired by the original SNES Super Mario Kart

Pseudo 3d road

a pseudo 3d road engine written with python and pygame

The Spure

Racing puzzle game with indirect control over car

Ned for Spod

2D Racing game, 3 different cars, fancy graphics and online scoreboard!

Road Fighters

A fast side-scrolling racing game.

Space Racer

Retro-styled space shooting/racing game

Pseudo 3d road collection

a variety of pseudo 3d road techniques


Hello, this is my racing game.