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PyGL3Display is a high performance, OpenGL, 2D sprite library for Python/Pygame with a simple API not too dissimilar to Pygames. It requires slightly more recent hardware than other libraries, but it is "breaks the Pygame FPS counter" fast*.

Bricks Knock Off

That's simple casual game I made. It bases on Blosics 2 flash game. Everything works, but I need to make more levels (currently there are 3 levels), brick types and ball types. Enjoy.


a 2D openGL renderer.


Mine*raft-like game written in pygame, pyopengl, cython, c

PuPU - Puffi's Pygame Utility

PuPU is a (very) small "framework" for programming games using the Python language. It uses Pygame for most tasks and PyOpenGL for rendering. Its aimed mainly for new programmers who want to try out graphics/game programming.


pyopengl space game named ColdStars.


My version of smash breakout game, have fun! "Raw" source placed under Mac URI.


my little game

Too Many Troopers 2

You've got to reflect blaster shots with your lightsaber with your mouse.

Buggy Game

warning: this game is full of bugs


a sokoban game

Simple OpenGL Game

A simple game made with OpenGL, Pygame, and PyODE.


pyglut an pyopengl utilities module with severals 3D programming helper classes and functions utilities.This module implement low-levels forms generating, utils, datatypes and predefine 3D objects.


BASIC-RoBots is a real-time strategy game about programming robots to colonize a planet.


cube hunter: is an shoot-them-all game in an cube mesh funny to play performed with pyopengl.

The Maze

The Maze is an first-person indie horror game. Find all eight keys, which are scattered around an dark labyrinth.

3D Projective Tic Tac Toe

A variant of tic tac toe developed by my friend and myself while we were supposed to be paying attention in Complex Analysis. I wrote it up into a small two-player game.

gltut for python

Tutorial examples from the online book "Learning Modern 3d Graphics Programming," written by Jason L. McKesson, converted into python.


lil like leiro, worms or soldat

3D Wave Interaction Simulator

A 3D version of Wave Interaction Simulator. Synthesize as many waves as you want (or your computer can handle) to make a new one!


A tiny and simple PyOpenGL3 class library for demos

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