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A "falling block" game with polyominoes of size 3 and more.

Angry, Drunken Dwarves

In Angry, Drunken Dwarves, you are an angry, drunken dwarf. Why are you so angry? Who knows. But you've decided to take your aggression out on other dwarves, by dropping gems on their heads. Lots of gems.


Ballus is a small and simple puzzle game where you have to match pair of balls by their colors.


A falling block style game with new (fun and exciting) tetramino designs.




A port of the DMA Design classic "Lemmings" written in Python.

Picture Puzzle

Rearrange the picture to win!


Astra is a game where you have to move planets from their origin to their destination. To do so you control one planet whose mass you can increase or decrease in order to use gravitation to attract the other planets.


Use elements of stealth, camouflage and cunning to infiltrate a secure research facility and steal information. Prince-of-Persia-like platform mechanics. Originally an entry in the PyWeek 3 competition.

Disk Field

Navigate the disk to the end point.

Polychromatic Funk Monkey

A platformer puzzle game retro funk jam. Bring order to a chaotic, randomly generated world by arranging nubs of multicoloured funk and bopping to an interactive tune.

Boggle EX

What you get when you mix tetris and Boggle


A Sokoban game written in PyGame.

car parker

simple puzzle.

Wild Wild Web

game uses pyOpenGL for graphics rendering, and pygame for other stuff. Game was inspired by Game runs at 1024*768 fullscreen mode.


This is a nice little script for sudoku. It has a download button for more sudokus, you may save and reload your work and use the computer to solve the puzzle.


Puzzle game and electromechanical sandbox. Based on my PyWeek 5 competition entry.

Slipslide 2

An exciting puzzle game with twenty five unique levels and an epic storyline.

Nelly's Rooftop Garden

A physics-based puzzle game written for PyWeek 2.


pyAwale is a pure Python implementation of the Ivory Coast rules for Awale.


Simple Othello program. Play against computer or comp x comp or human x human.

Mega Man 2: Puzzle Attack

For fans of the old-school Mega Man games.


Puzzle game like sokoban or boxworld


A cute sokoban clone with fancy graphics and sound.

Flood It

Flood It

Puzzle of Pipes

An invigorating new twist on the classic "15 Squares Game", with fast-paced excitement and variable difficulty.


"Alchemy: In search of the Philosopher's Stone" is a fantasy "match three" puzzle game.


A challenging game about oil and pipelines

Jigsaw Puzzle

A simple Jigsaw Puzzle game.


A simple tetris game with difficult levels, combos, and some particle/image effects.

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