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Lands of Elderlore

A graphical roguelike in a random yet persistent medieval world.

Beta Gunner Warcry

Second attempt at a 2-week shmup. Tanks in space stations.


Jetblade is a 2D platforming game in the style of the Metroid and Castlevania series, but with procedurally-generated maps.


Procedural dungeons made of tiny rooms; Dungeon Crawling for short attention spans! (And very small screens!)

A Cloudy Day

A relaxing game where you play as a cloud responsible for keeping the garden green.


A library for rendering virtual plants with l-systems.

Snot II: The Rubberland [Android]

Android port of my old hardcore puzzle platformer, written in Python/PyGame/PGS4A. Now with 15 levels and a lot of new cool stuff. Really playable. Really hard. Really free.


Magical blueprints for procedural generation of content. Based roughly on a series of articles by Sean Howard. Overview here. .. _series of articles: .. _Overview here:


Procedural generation of game level content: outdoor terrain, caves, dungeons, corridor crawler dungeons, mazes. etc

E.S.P. Hadouken

Guide the dot through each level without touching the black areas


Top down shooter highly focused on procedural generation of content, including game map, enemies and weapons characteristics.

Legends of Black Thunder

Black Thunder the cat loves fish but has to outwit the wild dogs that guard it!

Defective Artificial Intelligence

Puzzle game made during the Pygame Community Easter Jam. You have to find a intruder hidden in a group of randomly generated cells.