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You're a Ninja in the city. Run!

Slopy Platforming

A scrolling platformer that handles sloped surfaces.  A learning exercise that I will try to build upon to turn into a real game.

Stairway to Earth

Compete with each other as Adam and Eve to collect as many apples as you can.


A Pacman platform game.


2d platformer game about a robot.

Run and jump to collect coins and shoot your way through mobs and blue barrier doors. Avoid getting hit by spikes, lasers, or mobs and find your way to the white exit.


Mutable World Demo for Gummworld2 v0.4.4 and above

You only get one... match!

Macario is a pyrotechnician who is responsible for fireworks in different locations. He is so hopeless that he keeps losing his matchboxes, but at least he always manages to keep a single match! Help him get his job done while travelling with him around the globe. Light all the fireworks in each level before the match extinguishes. Mind the mobs! If you fall or run too fast, the match will burn out faster.

Hack 'n' Run

Game made for the contest "Batalha de Games";

Ninja on The Wall

Get up with your grapple hook, while shooting all kinds of zombies and evading the bottom falling off. I suggest playing the Tutorial - simply click START in the Menu - before trying the Endless Wall.

Polychromatic Funk Monkey

A platformer puzzle game retro funk jam. Bring order to a chaotic, randomly generated world by arranging nubs of multicoloured funk and bopping to an interactive tune.

You've Got Trouble

Hello, I and my people over at Moist Pants Games have just released the open beta to our very first game "You've Got Trouble!" From having no programming or art skills just 4 weeks ago. If you have a Computer with a Keyboard and/or a USB controller, download it for free and give it a try. It’s kind of an arcade 2d shooter multiplayer retro platformer where you fight a big boss which has two forms and many attacks. There are many other features to discover and enjoy. Please let me know if you give it a go, complete it, get a good score or encounter any bugs. Feedback is appreciated. GLHF! Lewis.


A platformer using the graphics of SuperTux.

The Adventures of One Bit

A fun and simplistic 2D indie platformer.

jumpy man

my first game made using python, im very new to coding so expect it to be very filled with bugs 'n' stuff



Alchemic Archer

Try not to get killed by blobs while you travel.


A 2D Platformer where mice take over the kitchen.



The Crushed Sky

A skill based platformer made for Ludum Dare 40.

House of Cold

House of Cold is a retro-style platform game made in pygame and python 3 in which the player tries to find the pile of gold. It is complete with enemies and animation.

Lollipop Ninja

You are a ninja who hates being looked at. Make sure nobody can stare at you while you try to get the lollipop!

Guardian of The Tree

You are a spirit who takes care of a tree that feeds humans.

Roll and Back Again

Solve environmental puzzles with a diverse cast of rollerbots. No blood, no alien abduction, no can-can music.

Bullet man

currently with one level


Free side-scrolling team action game.



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