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Celtic Cavern

This is an entry I made for Ludum Dare 15. It's a Leprechaun Platformer.
It's about a Leprechaun who get's kidnapped and drug underground and forced to make stuff for his captors. So for the game, you must escape the cavern. To escape, you must hop from Leprechaun land to the real world in order to escape the cave.


Platformer in which you use spells to attack.

Super Mario Python Beta

Super mario bros Python Beta Version This game is similar to the original Super Mario Bros on the NES console.

In the End

a simple 2d platformer built with python and pygame.

The Ultimate Platforming Hero

The first half (or so) of a new platformer by Rhodium Games.

Cylinder Run

My first 3D project - a platformer game that takes place on a cylinder.

Mango Begins

Jump your way through a mysteriousworld in this new platforming game!


RGB is a platformer where you can change colour between red, green and blue.

Monster Panic

Dig deep into the earth and save Beanpile Jack from the terrifying Monsters and their Lizardoid masters through over 50 levels of brain-jangling platformery.

John's Quest

A metroid-vania esque platformer/shooter were you have to get all the keys and powerups to kill the last boss Conrols: A D or arrow keys - Move W or Up arrow key - Jump space - shoot


A game based off of shift

Platforming Block

Platforming Block is a simple yet challenging 2D platformer powered by the Ragnarok Engine.

Level Editor

This is a level editor for my up-coming platforming game.

Zoshi's Island

it's a fun game


Control a Terran soldier in a 2d sidescrolling platformer and fight off hordes of robotic aliens, cyborgs turrets and more!

Stupid Jetpak Mario

Mario now has a jetpak and zapper, and by collecting the Chaos Emeralds he can go Super Saiyan. But is he a bad enough dude to save the president?

Errro 2: Outer Space

A challenging puzzle platformer / sidescroller featuring screen wrapping and world rotation.


A short platformer about a fox rescuing a stuffed toy from raccoons


Miner is a dig-and-gather-resources game. You are Sam, a Moon resource miner who must gather resources from the Moon surface.

Save The Internets!

Aliens have invaded for one purpose: To steal the INTERNETS! One lone penguin vows to take it back from them, one piece at a time.


Control a Terran soldier in a 2d sidescrolling platformer and fight off hordes of robotic aliens, cyborgs turrets and more!

Project Platformer

A Platformer game with Dwarf Fortress style modding.

Man Food

2D Platformer/Adventure In the year 2022, 10 years after the zombie apocalypse, the few human survivors live in fortified colonies. Their main source of food are stray cats that wander about the deserted and zombie-infested ruins of humanity's once prosperous civilization. You are one of the few who dare to leave the colony to hunt down and collect these valuable and vital food resources.


Simple sheep counting application.

Robot Glacier Fortress

A retro 2D puzzle-platformer featuring a narwalrus with a grappling hook. Maneuver through and manipulate entire levels as you please.

The Secret Tower

The Secret Tower is a 2D platform game.


A platformer (engine; some levels have been included) with bitmap collisions.

Wario Land 3

Nintendos Wario Land 3 for the Gameboy Color recreated in pygame

Simple OpenGL Game

A simple game made with OpenGL, Pygame, and PyODE.

Head Soccer Network

A version of the classic head sports soccer that allow players to play in a local or internet network. Uses pygame,box2d *plus* a modified version of podsixnet to handle UDP network. Currently only support friendly matches and 4 different head players