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TouchCode is a game where you have to remember some colour-codes, which were played by the computer. You have to repeat the colours by clicking on the coloured wheel.
Black Lady Hearts Card Game
Super Robots
Robots are invating Earth,their leader,Zioe is sending mind-control robots to control all humans. It's up to you to stop him!
This is an adventure game similar to the old "Monkey Island"
A single-player hamster game.
Simple ant-road simulation
Incarnation, an online multiplayer graphical adventure game currently under development. I could use more players, so log on for free and check it out!
Colonel Wiljafjord and the Tarbukas Tyranny
An adventure game tribute to some of the old LucasArts and Sierra classics -- Monkey Island and Space Quest. Made for pyweek #3.
Conspiracy in Fairport
A murder mystery type game.
A slightly triangular game for one or two players cooperative.
Beggar my neighbor
A 'two person' card game.
Bob's Excuse to KILL
Help Bob in his fantastic quest to KILL someone for absolutely no reason.
Match a picture with its name in the alloted time to win. This game is played like the game known as Concentration, Memory or Match. There are multiple levels, a highscore, and soundtrack.
This is a work in progress. If you know how to play the game and would like to join developement in this project, email me:
Un boulier chinois
a game to learn how to handle abacus (to write numbers and to make sums).
ChiefsRule- The Game
This game basicly is a bunch of different stuff
Clad in Iron
A top-down shooter with a mimic of the USS Monitor as the hero written for PyWeek 2.
Board game framework for the GGZ Gaming Zone.
Sonic Jedi
This is a basic fighting style with a twist
Zener cards and poker game finally meet.
A multi purpose deck of cards. Perfect for playing solitaires or what ever.
it is a quiz with 9 questions.
Number Invaders
The good old Number Invaders game from Casio. As I can remember it.
my game
good game

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