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pyBCD Binary Clock Screensaver

A python/pygame BCD binary clock screensaver. The mother of all awesome.

Chris Uzal
pyBCD Screensaver works like the pyBCD desktop application I wrote a few years ago except this is full screen only. It works like pyBCD. The space bar will switch between green, blue and red. t switches between 12 and 24 hour formats. Put the SCR file in your windows directory. Go to desktop settings, add pyBCD screensaver, click okay. I'd like to see Linux to Macintosh users compiled their own screen savers and get them to me for distribution. With Linux, I will accept compiled versions for distro specific instructions. Contact me. It's python and you have the source so I hope this little program makes are across all platforms. I accept tips in bitcoin. Ask me for a wallet address. My PGP key is on my site. Enjoy!



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pyBCD Binary Clock Screensaver 1.0 — 2 May, 2012 account Comments