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this have no goal


Text and webbrowser based game. Still in the initial stage. Of course itÂŽs intended for online game play. But some may evolve to a 2d real time game.


A (very) long running project to create a unique and detailed game and world (from an isometric view-point).


Simple 2d mesh generator


Post Apocalyptic, Turn-based Strategy RPG using an Isometric engine.


Board game framework for the GGZ Gaming Zone.


This is a work in progress. If you know how to play the game and would like to join developement in this project, email me: [email protected]

Pyramid online (MMORPG)

This iwas an Entry in PyWeek #4 by: Treeform, HexDecimal, Lans, Snarius

Tic Tac Toe

A game of Human Vs. Human Tic Tac Toe

Marble Madness

Let's face it. You're a marble.

Chain Reaction: Cycle away from the acidic laser!! Part I

My entry to Ludumdare 10, ride a bike past an acidic laser or cause a chain reaction!


Baby keyboard masher

KSplasher - a Moodin Splash Screen Editor and Creator

When i first come to the free world, i loved KDE, but, in search for eyecandy, i was looked for a Splash Screen Editor, but 'cause i haven't found it i decide to create my own.


Soon to be a physics sandbox

Sonic Jedi

This is a basic fighting style with a twist

Bob's Excuse to KILL

Help Bob in his fantastic quest to KILL someone for absolutely no reason.


Black Lady Hearts Card Game


unique, small and funny game

Bionicle:The Revenge of Brutaka

buiding in project em andamento

MorBacK A.I.

MorBacK A.I. is a simple tic-tac-toe game.

Clad in Iron

A top-down shooter with a mimic of the USS Monitor as the hero written for PyWeek 2.

Conspiracy in Fairport

A murder mystery type game.


Incarnation, an online multiplayer graphical adventure game currently under development. I could use more players, so log on for free and check it out!


Move your armies between territories in a board and dispute territories through 2-D artillery simulation.


Borgwar is a little "game" for developers. It allows making fight two bot controlled by an IA. The two concurrent developers have to conceive the most intelligent bot to win the contest.


A Malagasy board game


Destroy all the cannons to stop gunboy.

Cellular Automata

Simple cellular autamata engine, designed with Python+Pygame.


dodge the boxes as long as you can.

ChiefsRule- The Game

This game basicly is a bunch of different stuff