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Python Media Player

Plays audio files.


Simple metronome written in an evening.


A program for real-time music creation with Csound.


A simple Music-Trigger program written in Csound, Python and PyGame.

Beethoven and the Lost Symphony

And very short adventure game featuring Beethoven and his lost Symphony #10.

Label: Rise of Band

Become The City's leading Music Label in this turn-based strategy game for up to four players. Created by an interdisciplinary team of University students.


ToyMaker is a mario-inspired platformer with detailed 3d pre-rendered graphics, original music, and a compelling story-line.


Musical Quizz Game for Linux

Audio CD Reader

Cd player


A program to show pictures


This is a very simple piano simulator written rather for fun and to learn python language.

PyTone Module

A wrapper module for the PxTone library

Innep Metronome

This program is a Metronome that can be set to speed up and slow down to specific tempos at specific rates.

BadPenni - MIDI Triggered Sound Looper

This program reads MIDI input and plays/loops the assigned sound files.

Ninja Beat Jammer

A highly advanced game like a crash between mario and guitar hero. BE SURE TO WATCH THE YOUTUBE TRAILER!

Easy scales and chords

An absolutely easy way to find notes in chords. Good for musicians who haven't studied music.

Learn Music 1.2

This is a music educational tool with randomly generated self assessments. Learn jazz chords in any scale, intervals etc.


This is a lib for easy management of background music for for example games.

Learn Music

A Music Educational Tool written entirely in Python and Pygame

Learn Music 1.2

A program to help anyone Learn Music Theory and chords


Plays the colored bunchie animation with the music title "Brazilian Flower" by "Jean-Jacques Perrey" infinitely.

PyTuner: A Guitar Tuner In Pygame

A Guitar Tuner that I wrote in python and pygame. Tested with 2.7 and 3.2, works for both.


ScreenLocker is a little screensaver program with optional password and music file playing options.


Pyformula1 a race game on circuits against the clock, with music, animations, and effects.


An automatic music generation system

bearly dancing

A music adventure game in which a bear is in search of their lunch.

Caneta Azul

Controle o cantor do caneta azul para fugir das malditas canetas azuis que o assombram. Você conseguirá escapar?

Midi musical intrument controllers and synthesizers with python and pygame

All the different ways midi can be used with pygame, and how to set up a virtual synth.


A toy to learn and mess around with pygame and practice sight reading music.