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Top-down space shooter

Joystick demo

An easy way to test out your joystick in PyGame.

Rhodium Snake

A simple snake game with joystick compatability.

The Ultimate Platforming Hero

The first half (or so) of a new platformer by Rhodium Games.

Star Rhodium

Shoot them up in this high-flying adventure through space!


A simple graphical joystick test application, that actually visualizes axes, buttons, hats, and trackballs.

Windows Xbox 360 Controller for pygame

Windows Xbox 360 Controller for pygame

Buzz Grid

Buzz Grid is an abstract arcade game loosely inspired by classics such as Pac-Man and Robots. Navigate the eponymous grid, collect the green bubbles and don’t get zapped.

Square Shooter

Square Shooter is an abstract shooter (duh!) very loosely based on the classic arcade game Asteroids. It’s quite addictive, so take care not to ruin your mouse!

Attack Vector

Attack Vector is a rail shooter with voxel graphics and retro sensibilities.