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Musical Quizz Game for Linux

VROOM!!! Vector Graphic Racing

Race around a variety of tracks. Watch out for the walls! View and publish your best times to the net!


A brick dropping game inspired by Dr. Mario. Single and two player mode.


A platformer using the graphics of SuperTux.

Tic Tac Two

The computer version of the game Tic Tac Toe in a very easy to play format


Free side-scrolling team action game.

Ragnarok Engine 3

Ragnarok Engine 3 is small and concise generic 2D game engine built on top of Pygame to make game creation easier.


It's a typing game, where you type words falling from the top of the screen. It's also a game about insects. GPLv3.


Yet another tetris clone. Has a tetromino shadow, which makes it simpler to play quickly. Has some sounds too (created with sfxr).

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