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A tiny metagame written for the Global Game Jam 2014. It is the third, and only completed, of the three concept games I made.

Hyperbola Bar

If you take a bar and rotate it through an angle at a distance, it passes through a plane in a hyperbola. This perhaps surprising fact is demonstrated here.

MIDI Mandelbrot

Convert a path through a fractal into music!

Finger Game Oracle

Implements an oracle for a variation on the game "chopsticks".

The ZoninRun

A clone of the QIX (Taito 1981), with variations and multiplayer modes.

Basic Kaleidoscope

I like pyglet rotations for sprites. This demonstrates a simple kaleidoscope. And it is helping me get familiar with basic pyglet patterns.

Henons Attractor

Pygame window that shows a cool green lantern like picture using math. The equation is from "" They call it Henon's Attractor.

Border Pattern

This code generates a border for a standard letter size document. I only coded one pattern. The pattern was obtained from "The Border Workbook." The pattern is coded is the ninja star. The PIL library is imported for this code.


A visualizer for geographic locations.

Flash Cards

A little program for flash card practice.

GLSL Conway's Game of Life

Summary: Conway's Game of Life implemented in a simple GLSL-powered application. It's very very fast.

3D Projective Tic Tac Toe

A variant of tic tac toe developed by my friend and myself while we were supposed to be paying attention in Complex Analysis. I wrote it up into a small two-player game.

Circle Collisions

A Circle to Circle collision detection algorithm.

Mandelbrot Set

The Mandelbrot Set graphed in pretty colors.


Implicitly graphs 3D functions.


A text editor so bad it can't even edit. More info on site.

Shoot Like Mad

Shoot Like Mad is a 2 player shooter game, where the players try to knock each other down. It is a very fun game, a must try.

pyOpenGL Solids lib

Basic solids for three-dimensional shapes composition: Cube Parallelepiped Trapezoid Pyramid Pyramid Trunk Hexagon

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