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A simple blurring program.

Battle for Planet Vector

For many aeons, the Rigel star system had harbored four planets within its brilliant blue glow. Rigel has just exploded. The inhabitants of Rigel's neighboring system have attacked the weakened planet. You are one ship, and the odds are stacked against you. Your self-assigned mission is to demolish the invasion force to the best of your ability.

Robot War

A game of battling robots...

3D Tile Puzzle

You know those annoying little puzzles, usually 3x3 or 4x4 square, where you move the scrambled tiles around to make a picture? Try it in three dimensions! *evil laugh*


This is a old-style Spacewar remake.

Gravity Situation

What happens when the sun explodes?...

Vectorpods 2

An Asteroids game made in pygame.


The ever-increasing (decreasing?) progression of smaller snakes.

Realtime Cubic Reflection Mapping

Realtime reflections.

Mastermind Networking Lib

A networking lib designed to be simple to use.

Sphere Ray Trace

Ray-tracing on Spheres...

Shader OpenGL Library

OpenGL Library implemented with shaders!

Fracture Simulator

A simple fracture simulator that uses common sense for the simulation method.

Ray Tracer

Ray Tracer...


Bounce on the platforms to cross the burning pool of lava! A slip means instant death!

OpenGL Library (glLib*)

A library to let the paranoid do cool stuff too...

Spacewar Multi

Multiplayer spacewar game...

Circles of Influence

Distorting bubbles in pretty decent real-time...


PYGGEL (PYthon Graphical Game Engine and Libraries) is a 3d game development engine, written using Pygame/PyOpenGL.

glLib Reloaded

OpenGL Library + Shader OpenGL Library + TONS MORE STUFF!

Realtime CPU Cloth

A modest OpenGL demo demonstrating cloth running on the CPU.


Simple PyGame example.

Off-Center Map Projections

A small GPU-accelerated demonstration of the equirectangular projection. The program distorts this map projection to show what it would look like if it were centered somewhere else.

Field Intersections

Visualizing the intersection of r2 falloff fields (such as gravity and electrostatic fields) can be difficult, especially when the strengths can be of either sign. This project is a simple GPU visualizer of a field. It can simulate a variable number of fields of different strengths at different 2D positions. The combined field strength is represented as 3D height. Prints detailed usage instructions when run.


A tiny metagame written for the Global Game Jam 2014. It is the third, and only completed, of the three concept games I made.

Hyperbola Bar

If you take a bar and rotate it through an angle at a distance, it passes through a plane in a hyperbola. This perhaps surprising fact is demonstrated here.

MIDI Mandelbrot

Convert a path through a fractal into music!

Finger Game Oracle

Implements an oracle for a variation on the game "chopsticks".

The ZoninRun

A clone of the QIX (Taito 1981), with variations and multiplayer modes.

Basic Kaleidoscope

I like pyglet rotations for sprites. This demonstrates a simple kaleidoscope. And it is helping me get familiar with basic pyglet patterns.