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A simple bubble shooter game

bearly dancing

A music adventure game in which a bear is in search of their lunch.

Game 1

Don't die!

Fegaria Remastered

Starting to look more terarria-ery...


Box Head


Deeper is a 2D Sandbox video game based underground.


A flappy bird like game


A suite of educational activities for 3 - 10 years old kids build with Python & Pygame.

Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use


will be updated more


Basic example for programming beginners

The Game of Game of Life -

A 2-player version of Conway's Game of Life built using PyGame in Python, with a very versatile config file which allows for a lot of customisation.



16p Mahjong

16 titles mahjong using Taiwan rule.

Learning to code python by creating video games

We've been teaching kids to code python for the last few years and have wrote an instructional platform that helps teach coding concepts in the context of arcade games. The platform has been open sourced and works on Windows, Mac, and Raspberry Pi. Give it a shot!


Let's play with Python, with Briks, a tribute to the cult brick-breaker, Arkanoid. A level editor is included

Creating Video Games For The Blind

This Is where i show you how i created a video game for the blind.

Random Maze Generator

It creates random mazes continuously.

Flappy Block

Flappy bird with blocky graphics.

Lollipop Ninja

You are a ninja who hates being looked at. Make sure nobody can stare at you while you try to get the lollipop!

Different ways of designing the vehicle using vehicle graphics!

We have got a great range of model specific kits. Buy custom car vinyl decals, pinstriping for cars & much more vehicle graphics from our online store

Redes de Proteção

Redes de proteção instalada por R$25,00 m² Instalação imediata - Pague após a instalação

Exoplanet 1061

In the year 2182, environmental degradation has taken its toll on Earth. Those who have managed to survive years of famine, drought and disease rally around an eccentric leader with plans to leave Earth and colonize a lush planet five light years away. Your team is among those who join the armada and flee Earth in search of a new home.


This is a 2D block based game kinda like terraria it has 4 different biomes and you can change what blocks you can place by pressing 0 and also to place and break it's right and left mouse keys to move it's WASD

Geometry dash

Geometry Dash Lite - Apps on Google Play


A python game inspired by Duck Hunt (1984)


pygameweb is the source code for the website

Space Explorer

Thanks to your space rocket you will be able to explore the space, which is filled of asteroids and animated planets !

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