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Yellow Spaceship!

Simple 2d space game

In Yellow Spaceship! you´re in control of a yellow spaceship which gets attacked by aliens, who are firing lasers at you! You need to defend your spaceship by firing back and by destroying their spaceships. It´s up to you to save your spaceship from destruction! How to download: Go to my GitHub page. You will find the link below. If you have python and pygame installed, you can download the python files and the data folder from the master branch (make sure everything is in the same directionary) and run it with a python IDE. If you dont have python or pygame installed and arent planning on doing so, you can download "Yellow Spaceship! Installer.exe" file, which will install a standalone executable.



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Yellow Spaceship! 1.0.0 — 28 Jul, 2020

Yellow Spaceship! 1.0.1 — 9 Apr, 2022 account Comments