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Implementation of techiques described in Realtime Fluid Dynamics For Games, by Jos Stam.


NahuiTochtli is an aztec hero who must fight against spanish conquistadors in order to save Tenochtitlan. You can invoke Aztec Gods as you may find them on your way. Invoke the power of Huitzilopochtli, Quetzalcoatl and more!

Tamagotchi Emulator

Emulates the handheld digital pet Tamagotchi.

Colored Snake

Colored Snake Game

Just Another Space Game

This is my first game in python, hope you like it


Simple game where you try and survive as long as you can.


You must jump over the car to avoid being hit!

Dragons élémentaires

Créez votre propre village de dragons

Realm Game

A game of two realms you can enter and go on quests to try and save the world.


Basic example for programming beginners

The N

An engine and a game written in pygame.


Slay monsters, cast spells and collect keys to escape an 8-level dungeon in this turn-based dungeon crawler.


This is a 21 Game.


Political satire text-based game.

first project



This is a port of zx-spectrum version of "Zombi" game, released by Ubisoft in 1990.

Project venom

Prototype of the turn-based strategy game with simple AI and mapeditor.

PyStellar Engine

A game library built with PyGame library, with many built features that make it easy to build your own creation from the ground up, by LeapBeforeYouLook and Ramaraunt.


I don't care

Mouse Game

This is my first game that I created when I just learned pygame.. It's been a lot of year since then.

Bullet dodger

A fun and challenging mouse game where you must dodge bullets.

top down shooter engine

Just a quick project that i made in a few months, a few months back testing some game development ideas that i created.

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