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C'est un jeu où il faut retourner des cartes et trouver les cartes identiques.

color switch

color switch game

AS Arrow

AS refer to Add and Sub. During the game process, the card present as Arrow.

Simple Pong

A simple, fun pong game.


A Paint-style program.

Flake Generator

Generates a n-flake fractal image


GalactU its a space ship game, developed by a student


(stands for "SuperMarioGlitchy RPG") A fangame for YouTuber supermarioglitchy4 being developed by Mister Epic, with assistance from Horatio Studios & Glitchy Boy Productions. It's your typical Mairo-esque plot: Bowser has kidnapped the princess and it's up to Mario and close accomplice SMG4 to rescue her.......or is it???

One more cheese

Arcade-puzzle game which was my sandbox to learn some Python. Written for Arch Linux, and by the way packed for Windows. Lately I also coded the Android version.

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thorpy exercice 2 V2

This short script illustrates only little part of goodies that offers thorpy library, which helps to manage with buttons, very usefull for your pygame games. (I am not the author of thorpy library) **** VERY IMPORTANT : use latest thorpy version : (already present in subfolder for exo2)****

Space War

Space War game.

Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use

Shooting Game

A simple shooting game with aliens that move in different patterns, missiles to kill them, and bombs to kill lots of them. I am currently continuing to develop this game, adding new features and learning more basic features of pygame and the python standard library. Hopefully my code can help other newbies learn the basics as well :) For my latest code, follow the home page link to the repo. For a specific release, follow the source link to the specific release.


Free side-scrolling team action game.

Dice Wars Enhanced

It is a clone of


Catch as many bottles as possible...


gradients in pygame without using numeric


BubbleShock is a bubble shooter like the game Puzzle Bobble, except you must use you shooting bubbles to avoid falling ones from reaching the bottom of the screen. Gameplay Video:

Strong Jesse

Strong Jesse is a space shooter I made for my son that is inspired by the classic arcade game asteroids.


Just a basic snake game

homework helper

The students are not given much time in the academic world to work on their writings as they have to produce one essay after another to keep their scores high.

House of Cold

House of Cold is a retro-style platform game made in pygame and python 3 in which the player tries to find the pile of gold. It is complete with enemies and animation.

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