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Free side-scrolling team action game.


A 2D platformer video game written in python.

The Crushed Sky

A skill based platformer made for Ludum Dare 40.

Fooliery basic journal/diary

just a text editor that saves when you exit as the date and time


This is the second release of Fooliery Paint. There will be four in total.

Castle Explorer

Game for a project


Parachute! This is my attempt to remake of one of my favorite mobile games - Skydiver (originally in Nokia 3510i) Goal is to learn how to program 3d engine from scratch. I've managed to write let's say an engine (it has no compare to Unity for example! ;-)) which is able to display any 3d object. Not only flat ones like in this simple proof-of-concept game. But there is still lot to do and learn! It is written in Python, with pygame. It is not using opengl, or similiar. Watch it in action on:

Teste de jogo

Sei lá

working out

Yet not finished

working out

Yet not finished

Professor Pac-Man

Professor Pac-Man game using Pygame


A little top-down shooter where you try to clean a room from the zombie nearby.

Super Pac-Man

Super Pac-Man game using Pygame


Pac-Man game using Pygame


In 2050, competitive shooting has dominated the sports industry. After months of competing, who will emerge victorious in the final championship round?

C.A.R.S - Crash Arena Rolling Stars

An awesome game to play and race bots!

First Project

This is a test


Cantus - MP3 player developed in pygame

The ManiacOfMC Test

This is me testing pygame out.


Full of unique pens and modes and all the basic ones


Now Fixed! A 2D Terraria type game (version 0.0.10) you will need python 2.7.14 and Pygame for that version

Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use

Minecraft clone

this game does have a few glitches so be aware of that

Zombie Pygame

My attempt at creating a top down zombie shooter game, test driven development style!




Space max is a type of space invaders

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