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Mad Runner

Complete the objective of the course you are doing in order to improve your character’s running performance !


Famous Gameboy Advanced Pyoro mini game from Wario Ware Inc. recreated with Python and Pygame.


Pong game

Lawn of the Dead

Mindless shooting.

The Villainy of Cat Food Inc.

A little puzzle game with crates, switches and a kitty in distress.


This project is a 2D shooter video game in which you must shoot the zombies from a helicopter to save your survival shelter. It has nice GUI, 14 beauty levels and end, fine controls, simple dynamics, intrepid AI and the logic is still very simple, but plenty of capacity to evolve. Designs maps, characters, weapons have been obtained from free assets but under licence. Some other have been developed by myself.

Roland on The Ropes - Remake - Alpha Version

Roland on The Ropes - Remake - Alpha Version Cursor keys or digital gamepad

car game

a car game (ctrl-c ctrl-v)

Fegaria Remastered

Starting to look more terarria-ery...

Yoann Berenguer

Cobra is a 2D space game with vertical scrolling (also called shmups), written exclusively in python 3.6 and playable with PS3 controller and keyboard. A demo installer is available at The project is under active development (no GUI available right now), but the coding is going pretty smoothly and I hope to deliver a solid engine within a few months with a couple playable levels. Please check the screen dumps to check the quality of the sprite and if you are intrigued by this project, don’t forget to check below for more details and engine capabilities.


jeu mastermind , le joueur choisi une combianaison de 4 chiffres


jeu mastermind , le joueur choisi une combianaison de 4 chiffres

Guess the number

Its a nice guessing game you have to guess a number between 1 and 10

Solve a maze using the Wall Follower algorithm

This is a maze solving implementation of the Wall Follower algorithm.


A calculator in pygame.

World War 746179656d

Let's face it. You are stuck in a world's end.



QuickDraw TCG - Ludum Dare 41

Survive various hazards such as meteorites, bullets, spikes, and tumbleweeds in the Bullet Hell-Card Game QuickDraw TCG.


A challenging multitasking meta arcade game. Developed for the MetaGameJam by Xavier Ekkel at

Snowball Fight

Try to defeat your dirty opponent using your amazing snowballs! Unless they're girls, you won't want to oppress them. Meant to be played with 2 people



Bullet dodger

A fun and challenging mouse game where you must dodge bullets.

spaceflight sim

fly to the moon or other planets!

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