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pong game karen

pong game karen

Open Party

Open Party is a collection of games for 2 - 4 players.

Wormy "Snake" Clone

A "snake" clone featured in "Making Games with Python & Pygame"

Simulate (Simon Clone)

A "Simon" memory game, featured in "Making Games with Python & Pygame"

15 Slide Puzzle

A classic 15-slide puzzle, featured in "Making Games with Python & Pygame"

Memory Puzzle

A simple memory puzzle game, featured in "Making Games with Python & Pygame"

The N

An engine and a game written in pygame.


This app is a personal project, and also a test so that I can learn python

Invasion of the Corrupt Politicians

Fight and save us all from our arguably crappy invaders.


Hanoi Towers


Math trainer


Game about logic and colors. Inspired by the game 'FloodIt' available on Google Plus.

Flying Pika Shooter

A basic Infinite Shoot-Em-Up Shooter using Pokemon sprites I found.


A simple implementation of a Tetris.

Ap Computer Science

For a project...

You've Got Trouble

Hello, I and my people over at Moist Pants Games have just released the open beta to our very first game "You've Got Trouble!" From having no programming or art skills just 4 weeks ago. If you have a Computer with a Keyboard and/or a USB controller, download it for free and give it a try. It’s kind of an arcade 2d shooter multiplayer retro platformer where you fight a big boss which has two forms and many attacks. There are many other features to discover and enjoy. Please let me know if you give it a go, complete it, get a good score or encounter any bugs. Feedback is appreciated. GLHF! Lewis.

The house




AS Arrow

AS refer to Add and Sub. During the game process, the card present as Arrow.

Count_down maker

A simple class to make a count down or count up for your game. The class doc string gives all the details

Strong Jesse

Strong Jesse is a space shooter inspired by the classic arcade game asteroids.

Pygame SGE

An easy to use, universal 2-D game engine.


A fighting game with lots of ships.


Free side-scrolling team action game.

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