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Gummworld2 is a pygame framework for a scrolling game, where the map is larger than the display. It emphasizes simplicity and performance.


Gummworld is an 8-way scrolling game engine written in Python and PyGame.

Snake 1v1

Snake game for 2 players!

asteroid invasion

a asteroid shooter

space avoiders

my first try at building a pygame avoider game


A free to play, wave survival game!

3D Test

You need python 3 or greater and pygame to run it

Elite Flatland

The classic '84 spacegame, reimagined using one less dimension (and one additional objective). Join GalCop to help stop the Thargoid Invasion!

RL Tanks

A simple tanks game for understanding the basics of reinforcements learning. One tank is controlled by a bot that is trained by playing against itself, another tank is controlled by a human player. (Still work in progress)

Chicken Cheep

A chicken's fight for survival! You are a chicken that lives on a farm. You must eat the corn before the other chickens and the farmer have high expectations for you to lay eggs. If you don't lay enough eggs, he sure knows what he'll have for dinner...

Snake Game

This is my first pygame. I made this by watching udemy's pygame video tutorial by Mr. Root.

Fooliery: Framework

This is version one of Fooliery Framework. Its a large group of modules that greatly helps users build there own games with pygame

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particles physics with mods setup

setup for particles physics


A adventure style arcade games with structures and items.

Fooliery: Avenge

Your planet and all you love is gone. use the arrow keys and space bar to get your revenge!! once you buy some powerups from spacemart, filter threw your weapons with z and x !!

Fooliery: Build with tiles_v.1.0_exe

Add your images to the folder Images and click main.exe


An arcade shoot-em-up based on an arcade classic.

Fooliery: Build with tiles

This app makes it so much easier to build with your own tiles. just add the png or jpg images to the folder named Images inside the directory and start the app



Space Game

Early Release of the space game.. Doesnt have a menu and no goal just shooting enemy ships.

Im new :)

so this is a thingy i did

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