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Gravity Juggle

Early Alpha version of a game where two spaceships try to hit each other by shooting in a gravityfield around planets and similar stuff...

Fantasy Adventures

A game for players ranging in age of people (11 - ?) that currently is only in the developing stages a game for low end computers with great potential. This game will be for gnu linux(mainly) and windows only and will olnly be bug tested for ubuntu debian ect and windows but once up and running will be bug tested for other systems. It will be 2d and programmened in Yuo guessed it pygame.

Label: Rise of Band

Become The City's leading Music Label in this turn-based strategy game for up to four players. Created by an interdisciplinary team of University students.


An adaptation of "Halebarde et Gonfanon" in pygame. It's a small strategy game that could be a board game. For more details see this link (also translate in french).


2d Mmorpg pre-alpha version


An action game of shooting insects in space.

Football Bump

The player has to keep the foot(soccer)ball from hitting the floor.

Ultimate Avalanche

Classic arcade game avalanche done with Pygame...with a slight twist. 3 Game play modes. Kind of addicting....

Deadly Maze

Get out of the maze!! i will be posting updates and cool things that i have added to it as time goes on.


You are a tank and your goal is to defend yourself from the enemies that try to kill you. After each level, a buy shop comes up and you can buy items such as weapons.

Bezier Loop

A python demo with connected bezier curves and a supplied background image.

Escape From The Tower of DOOM

My entry in ludumdare # 12

Galaxy War

Tanks in space with gravity and more! Currently only 1v1 using 5 default weapons with unlimited ammo. Planets rotate but are stationary, and the redder it is the more gravity it has.

Conway's Game of Life

A zero-player game first developed by John Conway in 1970.

Lines Simulation

A simple line simulation, based on the Mystify screen saver up to windows xp.

Rock Blaster

Blast your way through an asteroid field!

Wavy Navy

The old Apple ][/C64 game Wavy Navy

Bouncy Ball tank

Balls bouncing in a fishtank.

Simple Breakout

A basic breakout clone


A simple tetris game with difficult levels, combos, and some particle/image effects.

OpenGL Library (glLib*)

A library to let the paranoid do cool stuff too...


A teeworlds game logic clone written using pygame


Haven't seen too much pong-clones? ;D Here's another one...


Pydza, a free 2d platformer developed with Pygame 1.8.


ein einfaches ping pong Spiel



Python Strike

simpler egoshooter

Tic tac toe

tic tac toe


ein einfaches breakout spiel


Cells is a logic puzzle adapted from Dr. Mark Goadrich's 'Cell Management' PiecePack game. It includes 7 levels of varying difficulty. Every game is different.

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