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Anathema RL

A roguelike made in 48h for mini LD #5.

Nils Fagerburg
Anathema RL is an entry in the mini LD #5, the theme was Cover, this is a cover of Phil Hassey's "Escape from Anathema Mines". You play a slave in the famed Anathema mines working on the bottom level. One day you decide to escape. Armed with only a pickaxe you make for the surface. Get help from fellow slaves, murder the vicious foremen, avoid the armed guards, pick up precious gems and don't fall in the many pits. Be sure to keep your flashlight well stocked with batteries, the mines are deadly in the dark!



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Anathema RL 2 — 4 Dec, 2008

Anathema RL 3 — 21 Jan, 2009

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