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Fantasy Adventures

A game for players ranging in age of people (11 - ?) that currently is only in the developing stages a game for low end computers with great potential. This game will be for gnu linux(mainly) and windows only and will olnly be bug tested for ubuntu debian ect and windows but once up and running will be bug tested for other systems. It will be 2d and programmened in Yuo guessed it pygame.

Project plan: Create a Simple server to keep the game running off of. Create a login system that leads to a simple chatroom but nothing more. Style the login page with picture's ect. Work on basic sprites and movement but nothing more. Style the sprites by adding attack, defense strength speed and some basic combat skills. Add level's to those skill and add some weapons. style and reshape the beginning map. Add various other skills. add in armor higher weapons and even fighter classes. give weapons class requirements. mkae magic and basic spells. make mod powers and player powers seperate. give mods the ability to warp and change sprites using simple commands. make sprites doll (meaning equipment actually shows up on the sprite. make simple to mid Hud. Style hud. Give game custom fonts mainly gothic style or victorian english or medevil. Add in new maps quests and make game diffrent from 3rd rate mmorpgs give it speedy updates note:the game is 2d and will be 2d the game will need to be for low-highend pcs but will beat out most other mmorpgs which will make this project hard but an experiance for everyone involved. We need people to email me their source forge id so I can add you to the project: my email-



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Fantasy Adventures 0.00.002 — 5 Aug, 2008

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