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A pretty clock made using arcs with a couple of nice features.

This is a clock that aims at looking as pleasing as possible at all times. I made it originally for personnal use on a 3.5 inch screen, it looks very nice on it! It has a couple additionnal features such as showing the current forecast outside and the percentage of precipitation. When snowing or raining, there will be snow or rain accordingly in the clock. There is also a display for a few cryptocurrencies. A countdown is offered in the bottom right corner as well as the current date, in the top right corner. There are a few other features as well that can be explored from the settings at the top of the code. The clock should be able to be displayed in any resolutions, however not all screen ratios have been tested properly. Be warned however that this was a personnal project of mine and the code is not very pretty at some spots. Also, about a quarter of the variable names are in french and the rest in english, I couldn't help it.



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py-clock 1.0 — 20 Sep, 2020 account Comments

  • jo 2021-05-02 11:27

    J'ai pas compris comment télécharger ...