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Pygame Game Console

Full-featured game console based on pygame that can be integrated in your python game in order to execute python command/scripts/custom in-gamefunctions

Main Features - fully configurable look&feel via json - fonts, pictures, commands, console layouts, paddings, scrolling text and more - history of input commands available upon pressing up/down buttons - scrollable output available upon pressing pgUp/pgDown buttons - configurable transparency and wallpaper support - optional header/footer text that can contain dynamic in-game values (time, fps, anything else) - header/footer layouts supporting scrolling and more - optional fluent animation during showing/hiding of the console - support for running custom scripts (batches of console commands) - support for colored texts, big inputs, big outputs - easy integration into your existing code



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Pygame Game Console c — 6 Mar, 2020 account Comments

  • Pepperoni Pizza 2020-03-06 22:59

    It's awesome! I love the idea, and it's very nicely implemented. Great job!
  • AA 2020-03-07 14:33

    Useful for testing game in dev if I understand right... Great tool ! Maybe I will test it.
  • ODoko 2020-03-11 14:13

    Let me know if you wnat more features implemented. Recently, I have added support for scrolling the console output using mouse wheel.