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Unique card game with fun mechanics! Instructions located in the game description

Adam Stark
Instructions: Every player has the same amount of a stash for betting. Every player puts up the ante before dealing any cards. The ante is 20% (rounded up) of each player’s bank, that amount is the ante until everyone has played one rotation (minus any players that were eliminated.) After one full rotation, the ante goes up 10% more (rounded up) for the next full rotation, and so on. To determine who gets to be the dealer first, every player keep drawing one card at a time until everyone has one feather-symbol card, the player with the highest numbered feather-symbol card gets to start the real game as the dealer. Every player gets 3 cards handed to them to look at by themselves, and one card face down, the dealer goes first. Each player’s value is determined by the highest valued card in their possession, which is calculated by adding up cards in their possession with the same symbol (upper right corner) or one card value combined with all non-symbol cards in their possession. Multiple symbol cards with different symbols cannot be used together, so pick which value is desired before the next player calculates their value. All non-symbol cards must be used in each player’s possession with the symbol card of that player’s choice, which order they are used is up to that player. The dealer always goes first. Determine one player’s value at a time going clockwise. During the value calculating process the player may choose to replace one card with their face down card, if they do that, they can’t reverse that decision and the new value is final. The winner of all of the money bet in the pot will have the highest value after every player’s value has been officially determined. If it is a tie, it goes to the dealer. When a player’s value ties the dealer’s value before the last player’s value is determined, that player takes their bet back making the final winner’s pot smaller. If a player has no symbol cards in their possession they have a value of 0. A player with multiple same symbol cards may decide to combine them together by adding or subtracting them to be the final value. Which ever symbol card is chosen, it must be combined with all non symbol cards in that player’s possession, in any order.



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