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Run and Gun

run and shoot zombies

this is a game I have made to test my general purpose level editor. you can open it and edit the game as you wish or adapt it to use with your games. the level editor is a very important tool in video games development, it make level creation and editing mach more faster and much more easier. you can make large levels in few minutes. editing your game will be easy then, especially if your game have a large world or big levels. after deep research and study I have developed my own general purpose level editor , I have name it "world editor". it can be used with any type of games: platformer, shooter, rpg, maze, fighter, racing, rts....ect . the user interface is still rudimentary, but it is very efficient I want to share it with the pygame community to save others time and effort and contribute to the development of the pygame community. the principle of world editor work as follow: the level is divided into areas, and the areas can be linked by special type of tiles called "gate". each area has it own tiles and actors, actor can be either enemy, npc,or just a sprite (like clouds for example). see the readme file to learn how to use it ,and study the game exemple carefully to learn how the data generated by the level editor are used. enjoy!!



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