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Hex based fantasy strategy game. Being used to test the final release of our pygame engine viper.

Anthony Blackshaw
This is screen shot of our game Legacy, it's very early days but the rendering engine side of things has been completed using the our viper engine. We intend to make both the viper engine and the Legacy game available open source once completed, (the viper engine source will be made available for download early in the new year - there is just way too much documentation to do at the moment and still no support for sound management).

This is smooth scrolling 100x100 sized map being rendered at 1280x800 - 32bit (all 2D gfx rendered via OpenGL so support for alpha blending) on a Sony VIAO laptop 1.8mhz, 512mb RAM and a limited NVIDIA 6400 (128mb). As you can see from the framerate (217fps) we are managing to get alot out of the engine :).



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