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an unfinished game I am working on about, stuff, I don't really know yet, requires pygame to run, not much else though.

this is a small game I am currently working on, you can currently battle and kind of upgrade your armor, it is still missing some sprites that I am currently working on and I am mainly posting this to get pointers on what to add and improve, oh and please don't go digging in my code or the sprites folder, they are both incredibly disorganised.



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questyquest 1 — 6 Mar, 2018 account Comments

  • Yuqing Cui 2018-03-17 05:06:15.336266

    Your game reminds me of the Fire Emblem which I used to crazy about when I was in primary school. I really hope you can finish it. I used to have an idea to create my own game like Fire Emblem style. This is one reason I study Python. Happily, you did what I am thinking about. I’ve tried your game when I saw it first. The game experiencing was…OK! I tried to read you source code then I really understand your waring is right. The code readability is a critical problem. If you name the variables more meaningful, I think you will gets more help from the community and maybe I can give you some suggestions. I really hope you can finish it. I hope I can enjoy it next time you upgrade. If you don’t mind please send it to me first and I will be really happy if you do.