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Snake Game for python 3.6

My recreation of Snake with different levels of difficulty and 2 different sizes.

A beginner's program on snake. The 'big' size has some bugs, but most of the collisions should be fine. If you have any bugs, edits, or suggestions please leave a comment. I included an exe file that works without python or pygame.



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Snake Game for python 3.6 0.1.0-beta — 17 Dec, 2017 account Comments

  • Peter Bittner 2017-12-27 00:09:26.624621

    A very nice game, and a super example of what you can do with pygame even without any assets (images, sound, etc.)! I've taken the freedom to publish your work on GitHub at to make collaborating on the code easier. Please feel free to claim ownership, and I'll happily transfer ownership to you.
  • sirsnowy7 2017-12-27 15:37:11.741400

    Pretty solid game.