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Fooliery: Framework

This is version one of Fooliery Framework. Its a large group of modules that greatly helps users build there own games with pygame

Hey Gamers and Developers,  For those of you just starting out with Python and Pygame I have for you a bounty of modules to help handle multiple events. Fooliery Framework (made with Pygame) Handles Mouse events On screen button events Multiple forms of animated backgrounds and scene features On screen text and easy no nonsense rendering that doesn't kill the users framerate Grid Creation Drawing Coordinates updates for mouse position Great functions for drawing with colors and tiles Both sprite and image blit   Hope you all enjoy this as much as I have.  There are a few basic examples I've converted to exe for those of you who haven't downloaded Python 3 or Pygame.  Another good example is my developer tool, Fooliery: build with tiles, which was made with Pygame and Fooliery Framework. Good documentation on how to use it is also within.



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