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A simple voxel game in early development.

Thomas Doylend
PyLanders is a very early version of a simple voxel game. You'll need Pyglet installed to run it. The controls are WASD to move, R and F to fly, E to open inventory. It features an infinite world. PyPy is recommended for maximum performance. Pull requests are welcome.



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PyLanders 0.0.3 — 4 Jun, 2017

PyLanders 0.0.1 — 1 Jun, 2017

PyLanders 0.0.2 — 1 Jun, 2017 account Comments

  • Stefano Peris 2017-06-02 20:36

    My little advice, divide the code into multiple forms trying not to do as some people who write 1500 lines of code in one .py module. This is a very interesting project, I will follow the future developments with pleasure.

    Thomas Doylend 2017-06-04 20:37

    I'm refactoring bit by bit - the original code was the result of an overcaffeinated five-hour coding sprint, so it's not really the best code ever :P
  • Kaliber64 2017-06-05 02:10

    I would recommend you use larger meshes. Batch more geometry into a single draw call so you spend less time on the cpu doing so many draw calls and you wouldn't need pypi. I did 20fps without it. In all my experimenting with PyPy I never felt a difference in performance anyways. Hopefully you'll be able to achieve better view distance as well. You can check out some screenshots of a project of my own voxel project using Python and C++ . And later an attempt at a volumetric approach