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pyglut an pyopengl utilities module with severals 3D programming helper classes and functions utilities.This module implement low-levels forms generating, utils, datatypes and predefine 3D objects.

josmiley / Luke spywoker
pyglut is an module complementary to the pyopengl (The OpenGL implementation for python) module, which will help you on the hard way of the 3D programmation with OpenGL.
Which implementing severals utilities for severals usages like:
-) Differents datatypes for Vertex, Color, Vectors, Matrix and Localview management.
-) Utilities function for distances and centers computing ; rotations, scaling and translation movement and some others.
-) Polygons and polyhedrons generators functions.
-) Predefine 3D polyhedrons objects like the Plato polyhedrons and some others.
Use pip to install it and read the documentation if you use the IDLE for docstrings displaying problems. The sources contains several usage examples.
New web site for the full presentation of the project in english.



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  • josmiley 2014-10-10 16:35

    les exemples sont vraiment cools ...