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A snake pacman game with levels generated with raw text files generating the walls from the labyrinth, the apples to eat, the snake start position and the phantoms including their moving circuit.

josmiley / Luke spywoker
SnakeByte is a pacman game, where you be an snake who have to eat all apples, in a labyrinth haunted from phantoms who move intelligently, in relationship to the text files representing the labyrinth plan and his content, to open the door. The snake move forward and you can turn or slide to the left or the right to avoid the phantoms, you can possibly stop the snake to wait a phantom go away. The game has many levels in different colors all based on an text file allowing to generating the walls, the phantoms, the apples and the snake start position. The game include some sound effects and a beat composed with hydrogen. The only interesting thing for programmers is the intelligent phantoms moved based on the text file. You can sea many screenshots from the game at his home page. The game is available through the new web site as: *) tarball. *) deb package. *) Windows executable.



Home Page


SnakeByte 1.0.0 — 27 Nov, 2014 account Comments

  • Space Max 2014-05-31 21:03

    Good game at first impression but i think the handler of the movements is too difficult to get pleasure quickly. Add the possibility to use the four arrows to move the snake like a pacman game. Two arrows requires to be very concentrate to correct the inversion depending your direction.
    Otherwise, it's a vey good Job. I vote ++++

    Eddie Bruggemann 2014-06-07 09:38

    Thank's for the ++++ note, the difficulty with the direction and the rapid death decreases the playing pleasure.
    I want to implement some life points so that you won't die immediatly but
    the problem is wenn the snake hit a wall and his actual direction with the continously forward moving from the snake,

    so what to do in this case ??? Die.

    josmiley 2014-06-08 13:19

    Admettons que chaque pomme soit un checkpoint, quand le snake tape un mur il repart du dernier checkpoint en perdant une vie sur son capital vie. Il pourrait démarrer à 5 vies par exemple. Cependant le gameplay nécessite de grosses améliorations amha.

    Eddie Bruggemann 2014-06-09 07:39

    Je le recoderai peut-être quand je passerai a python 3...
    C'est une bonne idée de rennaître après un percut de la mort pour rendre le jeu plus marrant a jouer mais je crois que pour la direction il n'y rien a faire, du moins a changer., il faudra rester concentrer pour ne pas se tromper de direction.
    PS: Tu a dépasser le quota de messages dans ta boite de réception sur du coup je ne peu plus t'envoyer de messsages.

    josmiley 2014-06-10 08:44

    je pense surtout au temps de réaction, l'appui de la touche est pris en compte au cycle suivant.

    josmiley 2014-06-09 09:28

    ayé, effacés ^^

  • Eddie Bruggemann 2014-06-09 07:42

    Hello pygamers, i sea that my game is a big success in the download average from my website, so if you interessted i have made an git repository for the game:

  • ScalesThe Lizard 2015-08-10 19:54

    Can i use this as my own? I edited it but still most of it isnt mine