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Adventure in Text Part I

A text adventure where you fight zombies while you find your friend (Part I)

A text adventure game made to remember how to program (also because text adventures are cool). THE STORY You play as a lowly nerd who must get out of the basement because you are really hungry. Little do you know that 3 months have past by while you were playing Skyrim and surviving off old pizza and red bull. In those three months a lot has changed and in fact your dog is now a zombie, also, so is your neighbor and most other people. You must meet a friend and together escape to an anti-zombie base. GAME FIGHTING MECHANICS Each of the characters have an attack, defense and health meter. The attack value of the attacker is divided by the defense value of victim. The product of this is what is subtracted from the health meter of the victim. There is also a probability for a "super attack" which increases the players attack value by a factor. Also, there is a probability of the zombie hitting the player. Further, fighting is turn based. Note that at any one time you may fight several enemies.



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