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An open source topdown car game fully written with Python and Pygame.

Wildracer is an open source topdown car game written with Python and Pygame. The development is at an early stage but i think is already quite enjoyable :-). You can currently play against bots (only on one track at the moment) or in stopwatch mod with the possibility to play against the ghost of your best time (6 tracks). You will find more informations about the controls in the included README file. If you are interested by the project and want to help, you'll also find more informations at the end of the README and the archive also contains a TODO file.



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Wildracer 0.0.1 — 9 Sep, 2012 account Comments

  • Logan Serino 2012-09-14 20:17

    Do you want me to make an installer for it?

    TOADD 2012-10-09 15:45

    hey why not man : ) that would be great!

    TOADD 2012-10-09 15:49

    That would be great man x)

  • db 2012-11-09 02:47

    150mb???? jeeeeeez dude..

  • gr3yh47 2015-02-28 19:47

    source is gone? anyone have a mirror?

  • Martin iliiev 2019-09-26 19:00

    i can find from where to install it