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Mana Clash

A different kind of Dr. Mario for Pygame.

John Gall
This is the first game I've made from scratch. Rather than try something like Tetris, I decided to spice it up a bit and remake one of my favorite puzzle games, Dr. Mario.



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Mana Clash 1.0 — 20 Jul, 2012 account Comments

  • Jouni Järvinen 2012-07-19 23:07:35

    Why is it Window$-only ?

    John 2012-07-21 18:27:22

    Right now I only have it available for windows because when I originally started on the project, I had programmed it solely for Python 2 without considering keeping in compatibility for Python 3. I decided the best way to distribute the game would be through a .exe to ensure compatibility, but I admittedly do not have any experience with Apple and Linux machines. If there is demand for it, however, I will look into ways to port it over to those OS's.

    Jouni Järvinen 2012-07-22 17:22:31

    AFAIK -every other- OS than MacOSX can be run under VirtualBox, so cross-OS support between Linux & BSD UNIX & Win won't be an issue. I'll recommend using Ubuntu with the GNOME desktop for Linux cuz it's the easiest to configure and has the largest available software catalog; if the standard ones, the repositories, shortly repos, aren't suffient, Google will give more, such as PPAa which are public repos created by individuals.

    Plus, you can always release the full sourcecode and let ppl help you ;)

    I've not had too much experience with BSD systems apart from a little FreeBSD using GNOME and DragonBSD using GNOME but basically all NIX-type systems have very much in common.