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This is a simple personal library that I have been using for my pyweek games. I am uploading it in preparation for the first pyweek of 2012.

Leif Theden
Lib2d is somewhat of a departure of the standard pygame library and works differently. This is for python 2.6. Main differences: Game is split into "GameStates" to break game logic into classes. Inputs are not tied to the keyboard and can be mapped at runtime. Includes a few different renderers for tile based games. Includes a Tiled Map Editor (tmx) data loader. Animation is supported and sprites are stored in a simple folder system. Includes optional advanced input handling via the module. I don't have much documentation here. If you would like to see how I've used this library, i've included some projects in the source. I don't really intend on supporting this library, but I am uploading it in preparation for the next pyweek. The most current version of lib2d is used for the "mh" project. The other projects have slightly altered versions of the library that are out or date or incompatible. This is a large download (~22mb) because it includes some example games. MH is the largest here, as I am still developing it in my spare time.



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