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Hopital Pital

A tower defense game in a crazy hospital,
featuring random waves, 4 tower types, upgrades for towers, 10 invader types, and 30 levels.
Play-tested and ready!

Arnaud Couturier

A tower defense game, in a crazy hospital.

4 tower types, and each tower can be upgraded up to 10 times.
10 invader types, from the caretaker, to the CEO.

30 waves, increasing in difficulty, and to spice things up they are random (number and type of invaders) ;D

Play-tested and tuned for hardcore gamers. Finishing the 30 levels will require careful planning and quick decision-making.

Tip: never think you have enough towers!


  • Python 2.6
  • PyGame 1.9

Tested on Windows and Linux. Should run on all platforms.

Game instructions

  • H or SPACE BAR to pause the game and bring up the help screen
  • F1, F2, F3 or F4 to build a tower at the mouse cursor location
  • U to upgrade the tower under the mouse cursor
  • CTRL to toggle details



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Hopital Pital 1.2 — 10 Sep, 2010 account Comments