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The Python Trail

A strategy game that will be comparable with Grim Fandango and The Dig.

alex sherwin
Currently there is no 'game' associated with the source. All the work that has been done is creating a modular scheme that is entirely controlled via XML. Meaning that everything displayed on the screen is considered a "zone" defined in an XML document tree. Each "zone" defines highlights (mouseover areas that display images at a given (x, y) location) and hitboxes (similar to highlights, except they bind a function name with object (normally self) that the engine uses getattr to call. In doing this I hope to create an engine that is ENTIRELY controlled via XML; this way it will be possible to make entirely different games with very little or no editing of Python code. Run with 'python' to see engine in current state.



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The Python Trail 0.1 — 1 Oct, 2005 account Comments