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Hero Online Classes Role outline

Hero Online Classes Role outline

Welcome to Goldceo, when you begin at Hero Online, you can know at level( Hero Online powerleveling) 1, players are allowed to choose a class. The skills that you will obtain will depend on the job which you choose. Players can choose a second promotion at 5 Dan. Gives an example as follows: 1. Physicians : Focuses mainly on status effects, healing and also has passive energy management skills, and Second Promotion is Surgeon (Utilizes defensive skills to heal/protect themselves and their allies). Combat Medic(Utilizes offensive status affecting skills to break down their opponents). 2. Hunter: Tames animals to be pets and crafts items, which can be traded to other players.and Second Promotion is Tracker(Focuses more on defensive skills. Ranger: Focuses more on offensive skills) 3. Warrior: Warriors focus on buffing themselves and high damage. and Second Promotion is Champion (Is able to boost their own attack and decrease his opponent's attack). Musa (Is able to boost their own defense and decrease their opponent's defense). 4. Assassin: Employs life drain and stealth skills to defeat opponents. and Second Promotion is Shinobi ( Decreases the speed and agility of their opponents). Slayer(Increases their own speed and agility) thank you for your reading, if you need Hero Online Gold at the same time, just contact us. source



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