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DOFUS Class Waits for consummating

DOFUS Class Waits for consummating

Dear friends,we all menmber of Goldceo,Recently, The official website has an investigation to demonstrate that majority plays the family not to be unsatisfied to DOFUS Class, just the Cro have better support,it is means so many players Is unsatisfied obout it. Regardless of regularly play cra or not,Haven't played a Feca, it does seem that their shields were nerfed a bit too far. No doubt as a result of petty PVP complaints. And you may would like to see the minimum range nerf to Xelors removed, at least on the attacks that do damage, like Sandglass. The new formula for AP/MP theft is enough to make AP theft all but improbable on builds. We have withdrawn some viewpoints for everybody reference: 1.The enu needs more dmg dealing splles random can be low sometime so low it cause you to die often im lvl 74 enutrof which is your main char very hard to solo thing and a summon that goes after the enemy for meat sheild would be great. 2.It is the needed buffs when it need, +range, +dam, damage multiplier, and +crits. They have a very wide selection of offensive spells, They're flexible enough that you can go hybrid, which in most cases you'd want to, usually str/agi, int/agi I'd think. I will say this though it is a lot tougher playing a str based cra then int, int has alot more power at the start of things. On the flip side though, str is very much relient on crit hits for at least 3 of their spells, really though I like to see it as all their spells relie mostly on crits and +dam. 3.Enutrofs are some of the most powerfull players in the game , there needed nearly for every run. I wouldnt be caught dead in a bworker run without one. There usefulness knows no bounds , there just so great and versatile. Of all the classes i believe enutrofs are the most balanced. I hope These contents can help you to take your Class by it's attribute,in addition,you can Obtains DOFUS Gold in our site, we also have Dofus Powerleveling service! contact vs anytime,wish you hve a good trip in your DOFUS world. source



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