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Ishara TCG

A simple trading card game I originally made back in middle school.

In my many searches on the internet, I've never found ANY free-and-open-source Trading Card Game-like programs. So that, along with a nostalgia frenzy, inspired me to remake my old one.

The Ishara TCG is a very simple trading card game that I made back in middle school. There's a half-finished manual in the download, but it's probably simple enough that you could jump right in and play it.

Requires Python >=2.5 and Pygame >=1.8



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Ishara TCG 0.4 — 6 May, 2009

Ishara TCG 0.2 — 26 Apr, 2009

Ishara TCG 0.1 — 21 Apr, 2009

Ishara TCG 0.3 — 30 Apr, 2009 account Comments

  • eren 2011-08-26 01:52