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zombie defence - 1.2

you can find all my games at and are all free of charge.

olav kruithof
This is a alien defense like game except that there are zombies coming from the sea. All the required files come with the game(including python and pygame). The game is tested on: Windows 7 (64bit) Linux Ubuntu 12.04(64bit) note: all the textures are by me. you can find a direct link on my website: found a bug? contact me on [email protected]


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zombie defence Final Release — 27 Jul, 2012

zombie defence 0.3 — 11 Jun, 2012

zombie defence 1.1 — 13 Aug, 2012

zombie defence 1.2 — 16 Oct, 2012

zombie defence 1.3 — 2 Apr, 2013 account Comments

  • Victor Zimmer 2012-06-07 08:37:36