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stdtools - 0.6

package of standard tools I use in my other projects.

Hugo Arts

This package is a collection of tools I use in my other projects. The following is included:

  • ModelView class handling the game
  • EventManager
  • primitive GUI elements (incomplete)
  • 2D vector class supporting vector arithmetic
  • basic collision detection using rects
  • resource handling classes (images, sound)
  • basically, one of the dozens of utility libraries for pygame out there. Everyone writes their own, right? the package is not really organized. The init file is a mess, and the files have long and wordy names. This will change as soon as I have the time.

    Also see my blog for a tiny sample of the event manager, and the PyngPong project for a look at how all this stuff should work.


    This new version cleans up the module somewhat, and also adds a bit more functionality to the GUI package. NOT backwards compatible with 0.5 in any way.

  • new Menu and GUIStyle classes simplify working with a GUI
  • cleanup of package names
  • a little test application for the GUI (not a test suite)
  • It appears that this package is not working with pygame 1.8. I haven't downloaded it, but I'll look into it as soon as I can.


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    stdtools 0.5 — 25 Mar, 2008

    stdtools 0.6 — 3 Apr, 2008 account Comments