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space game 2 universal invasion

space game 2 universal invasion - final

jason (jjj)



System requirements: 1.must have a windows 64 bit operating system 2.Up to 6 to 8gb of RAM or more(memory)is recommended. Website: space game 2 is unique turret shooter with 3 game modes(story,challenges,soundtrack).Cost only $9 dollars.



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space game 2 universal invasion - final - May 26, 2013
space game 2 universal invasion - final - Sep 16, 2012 account Comments

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June 15, 2013 11:21pm - jason - nickname: (jjj)
Thanks for the advice jeremy raven.The competition is rough,but indie developers have to value their games.Otherwise we will have a bunch of consumers who will look at our $1 games as cheap and they will demand for it to be free.I'm not working alone,woodstock production has a good seo team and programmers.I just wish that this community would be more optimistic,but I do understand the critics.
June 14, 2013 10:15am - Jeremy Raven - nickname: (aikiman)
Also its not that we are being pessimistic because I would encourage you to keep writing good games and refining your abilities because obviously you have a passion for what you do, but also price within your abilities also and the market. Its easy to overprice our work because of the time we have spent on it but remember its a pretty competitive market out there, there are studios with dozens of guys throwing uber talent into one game and then sell it for $2. This is what you are up against, and you are one or 2 guys trying to do everything - jack of all trades and master of none so to speak. I would suggest you team up with a decent illustrator or game artist so you can concentrate on programming and writing the game while the other guy does all the art. Its so much easier that way on you and your time.
June 14, 2013 10:07am - Jeremy Raven - nickname: (aikiman)
Really I think what people have said on this forum is far more accurate than the stuff you might be reading somewhere else, this is the cold hard reality biting and you should listen to it. Compare what you have done to what you can get on the iphone for a sixth of the price. Id be surprised if you make more than a couple of hundred bucks and thats being optimistic here, let your figures speak for themselves and please share them here to prove me or anyone else wrong because Id be happy to be proven wrong but my gut instinct says you'r dreaming. Dreaming might also be a good thing too but it wont necessarily make you a millionaire. To be honest I havent even played the game because I work on OSX so my comments may be a bit bold, but Ive been around for a long time and played many video games in my life and from what I have seen, it is way overpriced. That is not to say the game play isnt any good, I cannot comment of that, but just from the visuals alone I think you'd do better selling it at around no more than a buck, remember its all about selling many units at a low cost rather than a few at a high one, thats my 2 cents right there. Good Luck.
May 26, 2013 6:34pm - jason - nickname: (jjj)
Here's a good article on how much RAM is recommended.Go and look at the 6 to 8gb section in this article here:
May 26, 2013 6:11pm - jason - nickname: (jjj)
Maybe you need to acquire a real job and some RAM memory.6 to 8 gb is a recommendation,not a requirement SEATOOTH.Oh,I'm so dejected.At least play the demo for pete's sake.

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